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Related article: Date : Wed, March 19, 2011 February 15 02 -0600 From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 5 n With Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - Broken Tears 5 broken tears : com u003e Subject. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? Thank you, Stephen, are available for treatment and disposal. All usual disclaimers apply. If you are not supossed to read, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. Recap - I went to the garden and breathed a little easier. Vi in the outbreak in the soil, water and began to bout my mom says my first day, and it relaxes me, but could not speak again. I knew that they listened. Mothers always be heard, and always know the mothers. That's why I never go to mine forget. I will never forget how you took for granted. Like that all of you and my editor SORRY FOR I HAVE THE KINDA Chapter n, the Preteen Pictures unheard WAS.. IM SO sorry to read it in my MESS: : ( Date ******************** - Chapter 5 ****** * ************* I have not much to rest last night and it was terrible. Why on earth would s, Jeff Date ? Is that American something like a meeting or a date ? is strange. well, I hope enjoy my time with him n today. he said he wanted to talk to me about our "date" today school, and thus I feel a little nervous about it. do not know why I'm feeling kind nervous. I showered and got dressed in my normal clothes and put on my glasses. I grabbed my bag and went down. My father has breakfast and n hugged me good morning, as usual, but she was acting strange lately. It sprout in a conversation with a lot of the Rose. I hope it s nothing to hide us. My guess is one that has another family or something and find , as we say. If it did, I totally understand it, but I'm n him his time. I breakfasted with Marky, and talked for a while before you start a school. We went through and picked Jenni and Dina, and we were not talking about stopping. Dina and I click yesterday, but still, I was ten times more n as Li arrived at the school, and Dina looked at me as we got off the car , and said, " is that Bran will not talk about Mark? " he asked anxiously. ". No, I will try to talk to him will mark my last resort. " He said, is a bit strict. She nodded and hooked her arm through mine and we went into the n theThe school and found Jermz and Trev was waiting at the entrance. "Hey guys! " Trev and together Jermz said. I swear that act as damn twins. " Hey. How are you? " Dina asked how she hugged and kissed his Jermz cheek. Trev did the same, but Jermz kiss lasted about two seconds more. " Well, we're a little big and happy at the moment. Maybe Mark will come beaten Brandon! " Said Jermz excited. " No, I did not say, nor is it... I'll try and talk things to him," I said, and no better time, as did Brandon. It s has left us and pushed me to pass. " Move it, FAG !" He said laughing, as he passed. "Yes it is correct. So you think, talk about work ? " Li asked how they came n of nowhere. "LI Hey!" And she hugged her back, Trev, and Dina Jermz gives us the eye. "What? We're best friends, so I understand. " Li said, squeezing my cheeks. " Yes, of course, best friends," said Trev Jermz while. " We are not. receive all the ideas in their heads dating wonder twins. "I said with a laugh n , and blushed. " I'm more exciting by Brandon now. " Jermz joked. " Well, Dinah want? " I asked a little too bold. Girado Jermz n bright red. " Of course. Bathroom or a closet keeper, like yesterday ? "Dina asked laughing. " I feel fresh. Let's go to the principal's office ! "I said, pretending emotion. Jermz was so embarrassing. " Ok, Ok. I understand. GEEZ ! Better not fuck. They are dangerous. "He said Jermz smiled again. " You're right, "We want our first class was laughing and was all smiles. Left to sort through problems, and I had only three kinds of Brandon n theater, so I do not see him much. I entered the cafeteria with the fear of another episode like the last time I went to the line and ordered him to burger with fries , and sat Jermz touched me, Trev, Dina, and Li, almost to her friends for us. that touched me. " So Li, being with the FAG and loser amount now ? "Brandon asked with a smile. " Ten times better than being with people and a female gorilla, as you. "She said, smiling. Brandon was angry. " Look, Fag ! Stop poking his nose where nobody loves you. These "friends " you, sorry. "I said angrily. " Yes, of course. Do not get mad, because nobody wants you, whoever you are. You are only jealous that Ty has real friends here and a brother who actually was confirmed... And a brother, who hit very badly. "Dina said smiling. " Do not mess, shit colors. "I said smugly. Dina was wounded. " Well, above all, you are racist? No wonder, since you can say a Preteen Pictures someone of his skin color. Dina is one of the most beautiful girls I known, and their color makes them more interesting. "He said he annoying. Dina smiled and laughed. " Fuck you, you bastard ! You do not know me ! "He shouted. Tried grab the neck, but I turned away. ", Brandon, stop. ¿ I can talk to you.. alone? "I SAIdentification of the supplicant. "Will you propose or some shit ?" He asked, laughing. I heard giggles could not but whatever. " Believe it or not, gay or not, I have taste, and is far from being delicious. " I said, a little too smart ass, how many people laughed No aloud know that it was annoying. "corridor, now. " Explained how he made his way out of the cafeteria. " Are you sure? " He asked anxiously Trev Jermz and nodded too. " I think I'll be fine. " I said with a smile very false. " If you say, but let's talk about it. " Said Li looking directly at me. " Ok, tomorrow. Your place or mine? " I asked. "mine. We can see some movies!" She said enthusiastically. " And we're not invited? " Trev and Jermz said, along with Uh huh n of Dina. "We will do in private. Wow ! " Li said, laughing, while n party. We were arrogant smile and made kissing noises. "Well, those are the sounds that come from kissing perfection Jermz and Dina. Practice makes perfect. " Sat Iid passed to the two left-aligned. I went to the room, and a hand stopped me at the door. The light on, and I found myself alone with Brandon. " Are you scared the crap out of me!" I cried when I breathed deeply. "as a sissy," he said, barely audible. "I heard that you know. " He said I looked. " Yes, why not talk about it with my ass. He is the one that gives a shit!" He snapped. " Go to hell !" I said, looking into her eyes. " Do you ever curse," he asked incredulously. "N -no. My mother told me not to. " I said innocently. " mama's boy, are we. " He said chuckling. " My mother died a couple of weeks, so do not go there. " I said with a touch of sadness. " S -sorry, friend. I do not know. So, what did you talk? " The asked for a little smoother. "Can you stop harassing me, I do not know why you hate me so much. " I said a little nervously. " I hate you because you're a gay man. I realized that the day I saw you, and I hate cigarettes, is seen on my. So again of, pussy boy and fuck. if I would like to make your life Shit, I do ! "He grunted as he reached for n and the button disappeared. That was back that feeling of depression, which made ​​me hate n I was really getting to me. I was the closet and was a way in the school hallways. I went to Spanish class. I missed n that yesterday, thanks to Brandon and things pizza. "Listen , Mr. Santos. I'm Tyler and I 'm here for the Spanish class. Unfortunately I missed yesterday. "I said as he opened the door. " Okay. Sitting there with Caleb. "He said, pointing to the girl I was in the grocery store two days ago. I smiled broadly and waved Preteen Pictures " Hey, " I said as I sat by his side. " I knew I had at least one class with you. You seem like a good friend, In addition, since the two are gay, you are surely going to get along. " He whispered, in my ear. I was surprised, and my eyes widened. I looked through in it, and he smiled. Maybe I found my best friend gay, I thought. I smiled and returned alone to the class. We talked and sent notes during class, and I was very happy it. He 's cool and all, but I was not sexually attracted to it. We said goodbye and went to my last class. I had to sit next to Brandon, but does not bother me at all. I know why. When I told him about my mother, I somehow felt wrong. Maybe he has a conscience, after all, but in these two days you know, tomorrow will be the same, act like a damn idiot. Class went by fast, and I went to my way to the parking lot. There was Jeff, and was leaning on his car. It s that looks so damn hot, with a tight V-neck T -shirt and faded jeans. It s with a hat and his hair was wet secret. He smiled as he watched, and taught me to be. "Hi, Jeff! " I said smiling. "Hi, baby. " He said he hugged me. " So what do you talk to me ?" I asked him howlet me go. " Well, let's get Ben to eat something. So let's talk about ", he Preteen Pictures said, act a little nervous. I smiled and nodded as he opened the door of his truck. I jumped, , and smiled as he drove. The trip was uneventful and we were both nervous. When we got to Ben, we found a smile, and went in order hamburgers and soft drinks for us when we sat in one of the tables in the back. The food arrived and began to eat. He held Simlinger and winked at me, , and I blushed and I ate. I finished and went to the bathroom to wash my hands. I also washed my face and wiped it off with some paper towels. I trying to calm my nerves when I returned to the table. " Sooo, is Jeff, what 's going on? Is there something wrong ? " I asked, as n sat across from him. " No, that's just the opposite. Everything is perfect. " He said he looked at me and smiled. " So what are you asking me to meet you here ?" I ask. " Look, Tyler, I know you just met a few days agobut have you ever felt Preteen Pictures that connected with someone at the mere sight of a connection, a connection that can only be Think of one person, something that makes everything stop that is important to fall in love. Have you ever felt, "he said with a twinkle eyes. " Well, I've never been in love, but I felt a connection to people. "I said with a smile on his sympathy when he's nervous. " Well, when I saw you I felt it. I felt myself falling for you. I that I have strong feelings for you, and I wanted to ask you if you enjoy going out with me if it bothers Preteen Pictures you to be my friend. I know it is sounds stupid and so is the cause, but I can not find the thought n about someone other than yourself, and I will be with you and Give Love a Try that. You are so beautiful, cute and perfect, and I can not s looking. I think I made ​​love. "He said he grabbed me by the hand of s. I stared at him, and I could not speak. I stared at all eyes, and hand looked at me and spoke again. " I'm not kidding. Would you date me ?" He asked with a sincere look to his eyes. " yo-yo -yo. No!" I said, looking down. " WH - Why am I ugly or something," he wondered how his eyes were watering. " No, you're very attractive, but as a gay Preteen Pictures does not mean that love hot daily kind. Gay people, you know, and I do not think he knows me well enough the fall to me. " I said with tears in her eyes meet his. " B, but I love you. Please give me a chance. I have never asked a someone to leave me,never! " He said, look at my eyes. " Jeff, I do not think you're ready to try to be gay, and I do not want to be Shot in a gay relationship. Why do not we know each other, and why that s not discuss how you feel? can only be love. I I do not want someone to just throw myself on the page are to another person. I'm sorry but no. " I said with every ounce of my body n to neglect this hottie. " Please, honey. Please come with me. Beg andou. Let's kiss again n and see if there is a spark or something. "He said. " Ok. A kiss, Jeff, just one. "I said, rising and going to your car s. It was followed, we got into and through the tinted windows, we were n to do in the position to be doing here. We sat in the back seat and looked at each other. I looked with a mixture of of love and lust, I think. He moved towards me, took the side my ​​face and looked up. I looked into his eyes, leaned in, press his lips against mine, and I was sorry. the spark was there. met her soft, moist, mine lips and mushed together. She bit her lip and let out a sigh as he turned away. I was in another dimension, and I still had my eyes closed. I opened it, and it was he who closes his eyes as well. " for therefore, there was a spark ? "I asked a little hope. N " SPARK ? ! Matter what the 4th of July ", he said, breathing hard. N " I felt the spark, too. "I said, blushing. " So I want my baby? "Asked tenderly. " No " I said look,away. " Why? " He asked in despair. " Because I do not know yet. Let's take our time, Jeff. You are the greatest are n here, and you should be more mature. So let's take it easy. You n lose a gay relationship to analyze, so we took our time and do where we go. "I said, and saw it. "I'm not wait! " He exclaimed. " Well, then you do not have to. " I said as he opened the car door. He struck closed, and looked at me. " I'm sorry. Ok ? Is that I have you, I kiss you, love you, Snuggle and waiting is hard, but you're worth. Promise something. Although they get to know better you will not see another kiss people or something or someone else, and neither will I. "he said, reassuring. "I can handle. So I promise I will do things slowly and try to, s easy to go with it and see if we are working. You know, sparks and chemistry not is everything and still nothing I am still virgin s sex, so you have to be patient. "I satLooked identification. "Even I have my right hand. " He said, laughing, I blushed. "You're so cute when you blush baby. " He said, stroking his cheek. I blushed and looked at me more. " They are hot every day. " I said laughing n as he laughed. took me home and left the car was plastered in a dream state with a smile on my face. " See you tomorrow, fine. " He said that he left. went in and saw sprout, like my father in the garden talking to the the back, and went to listen more closely. " I just can not handle, and do not know what they think of me if they ever find out. Rose, I need help. " She said as she wept a little. I decided to leave him alone and went to my room. I fell on my bed with giggle and sigh a little, and I started thinking about my father. What can s so wrong? [Jeff POV] Today as yesterday, was full Preteen Pictures of Tyler. I close my eyes, and there Ty. I know that I love him and want him. He is so cute, beautiful, Innocent, beautiful and perfect. I never thought I would fall for someone like hard as I fell for him, but he makes perfect, warm and fuzzy. I woke up today, bathed, and masturbated thinking of Ty and her pretty tight small body. I left the house and my car with my little brother behind me. I took the hand of his nursery and s farewell kiss on the forehead. I returned in the D wing and saw at a distance n Tyler was with headphones in the conversation with your friends and dance bit. He looked so cute, and rocking hair whenever n moved. Everything about it made ​​my legs like jelly. She gave him a kiss on the n and went to class. I met with my taste, and Jenni, as yesterday was, I wonder if Ty was okay. That practically acted as his mother. It was nice, though. had a day without incident today, but at lunch, it was my ex, by Lana. that talk to me and told me she wanted to be with me again and dumping me was a mistake. I messed upf, because today I had an appointment n in Ty, and in no way in hell was going on the road between me and my baby. I went to the bathroom, my business, and looked in the mirror. I'm hot. Ty is like me, right? I started nervous about him, and that never happened before. When I go out n of the bathroom, came to Tom. He looked at me and his eyes were filled with rage again. "I talked to the coach. You will not be in practice today," asked with suspicion. " No, I think Ty on a date. " I said with a smile on my face. "How FREAK stay away from it !" He shouted as I hit into the wall. "This agreement, Tom. 'm With him, and there's nothing you can do it. I'm sorry. " I said with a smile on your face smart ass. " You know, I 'm the same act, because our game yet. Volume go to him at a fancy restaurant and steal a kiss, and he will see that I that will. " he said with a smile as he loosenedControl over my collar. " Yes, but I will say I love him today, and I know I say it again is. See you fool! " I said as I walked past him and pushed the bath, I finished my studies. I left the school waited for Ty, leaning on my car. He was on foot and smiled when he saw me, his white teeth gleaming shine properly. It was me and hugged me as she clutched. We went to Ben, and I do not think n , have courage, but I did. I said what I felt, and he blew me away! I like a lot of rejection. Gay guys are not supossed to , each with a hot body and a big dick ? well, did not. He scolded me to think that way, and acted very mature at all. I really knew nothing about n being in a homosexual relationship, but to which he agreed to see a kiss, if we had chemistry. And WOOOW that kiss fried my brain and blew my mind Preteen Pictures ! It was perfect. I was in a state of euphoria when I got home, andwe agreed to try to know to know better. He promised not to go with someone else, so Tom is the image. I went straight to my computer and my research on homosexuality and child, I was so damn much material. Gay people are like that for n genetics. We were born this way, and I say, because I feel like it. I have a girls attracted my whole life, but I know there are people from a many ups and downs, a lot! I was looking through a homosexual relationship, and was n all there. The love and tenderness of a normal relationship, which was n well. The only difference is that your partner is of the same sex. I smiled to Ty and I painted live with a son and a daughter, seemed a happy family, and this thought was so perfect for me. Finally, I researched (blush ) about sex between boys and shit, WHAT THE HOT! I've never been a burden, the big blow with the normal n porn. The guy in the vid. had a big ass dick and loving it is. the intiMacy was animal lust, and that was more than animal sex with a girl. After two search, and shock loads, I fell asleep. as I knew, was the first thing I saw when I closed my eyes Ty. [Tom POV] I went crazy from the bathroom. I was mad at Jeff for taking Ty out, upset with Ty for the adoption and angry with myself, it may be. As soon as I went, I went to my closet, I have my anxiety pills, and swallowed one. I relaxed a bit and dug in my closet of my books for the next class. I could not concentrate. I closed the closet and beat her, and she immediately before. I thumb suffered minor pain, and I looked around and saw no one in the hall. I was too angry to think about school. I went to school garden sat on a bench, and I was thinking about Ty. How can it ended with someone? How do I feel like it? I in the garden and saw a rose. I touched it and agreed to talk about Mark onTy the rose planted in his garden, and smiled. That is, as did Ty I'm hot, and was all smiles. Even my family was always concerned about increasing my kind. "What are you doing, man? " I heard Mark 's voice behind me. I turned around about, and saw a tear run down my eyes. "Think," I said, stroking the flower. " I know that face. You are in love or something? " I asked how he older than me. " Yes I'm madly in love. " I said, watching him. " Well, who is ? " He asked eagerly. ", someone who achieved the impossible. " He said I kicked the ground. " Man, I 'm flattered, but I 'm as straight as possible. " He said chuckling. that s was a joke, but I was in no mood to laugh. I gave him a weak smile, however. "Not true, but a man. " I said, looks at the ground, fear of what he was doing before. " Oooh, so you're gay.. that's fine. Ty is gay, and I love it. I love you The Man. To keep So friends carefully. I have the back more. " thereasurringly said. "I know. What happens is that love hurts!" I said, squeezing her thighs. " Why does it hurt? He is straight ?" He asked me to look. " How do you know Jenni 's in love ? " I asked curiously. his eyes a dreamy look, as he said.. "Because no one I could think of because it was painful not to kiss, it was really very heavy, without saying how I feel I can. " Said as a tear rolled down his eyes. " You got it wrong. " I laughed as my eyes welled up too. " Yes So who is man? " Said persistent. " Well, he's the good guy Tyler 's age. " I said, I wish they were not in away. " Wow, two years younger. Well, that 's not much, and if he is gay, is what s the problem?" He asked me to look. " Imagine if, for example, I would ask Tyler. What would you do? " I asked is Preteen Pictures a bit of hope. It became a bit annoying. " break my neck if he ever hurt!" He was about to mourn. "Quiet guy, not Ty, but is, I am very close with his brother s, and I do not want to ruin the friendship. "I said, defeated. " Yes, that's a problem, buddy, but hell, what can you do? While love, you must demonstrate that. "He said he started walking the garden, leaving me and my thoughts behind them. I stared at the rose. Jeff is a good guy, and maybe I can do Ty No happy. I will try to leave again, even if it hurts me, but if Jeff 'll the leg, I moved my. I'll tell you how I feel, I promise that I his friend, and promise never ever leave him alone ! I will show that I am worth'm love. just hope Jeff screws soon. a breeze blew through the rose shook when some petals fell free, and dances with the wind. I looked at the sky through the tree branches. I is waiting. 'll give you a chance to be happy, and I want it, because I love him. " I love you Ty....... " =========================================== =========================================== ===== == ================================ The next chapter will be up sooon ! I hope you enjoyed this story and as you may have noticed, has Enter a personal meaning. I hope that has given you. : D Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my story so far. If no read my story together in a list, called Revenge lustful. It the past, so you must look up. It is necessary in the first 50 floors. Thanks again, and please e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com, if as my story. Writer, if I call myself love the feedback, and are not too shy ask personally. Please enter the story I comment. Thank you, Stephen, for editing. You are awesome!
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